Microsoft .Net

The family of Microsoft resources are extensively varied, and if you’re keen to develop a piece of software that coincides with these tools, then ifultech are here to help. The .NET framework (typically pronounced dot net) is one of the most expansive on the planet, and it comprises both FCL and CLR technologies that work in collaboration to form the .NET database.

Our level of expertise is second to none, and we’re well versed in the development of applications for Windows 7 and later. The .NET framework itself was initially developed to provide the option for programmers to create and code tools and resources for use with Microsoft Windows – and that’s exactly where our services in Berks County, South Eastern Pennsylvania come into the fray.

Whether you have a piece of software in the pipeline, a user interface that you’d like to have modified, or even a requirement for numeric algorithms – our experts have a huge knowledge range. We haven’t come across a single .NET related project that we haven’t been able to handle successfully, to date.

We maintain specialties in the following subjects relating to the .NET framework:

  • The .NET framework itself, which is compatible with the latest versions of Microsoft Windows
  • The .NET Compact framework – ideal for software development relating to mobile, tablet and handheld devices

We also have a substantial amount of knowledge relating to the .NET Micro framework, which works on a much smaller scale, in order to address the concern of resource constrained devices. Regardless of the type of platform that your development will take place on – you can rely on our expertise. Our professional team are always on hand to help, and we’d be happy to discuss your options, explore ideas and strategize your project. Simply get in touch with us today to get the ball rolling, and we’ll take your project to the next level.

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