Custom Software Development

There are a whole host of reasons why our clients find themselves in need of custom software. From unique mobile apps that keep specific members of staff in touch, all the way to bespoke software to suit global organizations during operation – the options are almost endless. There are two main types of tailored software; both of which our team at ifultech are proud to specialize in.

The first relates to COTS, or commercial off-the-shelf software, including free applications and software. This type is most commonly developed for mobile applications including games, tools and general resources. If you’re in need of a custom software development project with the hopes of reaching a mass market or target audience, then contact us right now for a quote, or to book our services.

The second type of custom software relates to internal usages – typically within large companies that need to correspond, keep track of data, or other purposes. There are really no limits where this type of software is concerned, and whether you’re interested in having a time-tracking app for employees, or a general correspondence network introduced to keep staff members in touch – our tailored software can be coded and developed to suit your specific requirements.

Here are just a few of the functions that our custom software could be used for:

These are just a few of the things that a custom software project could cater to, and there are countless other possibilities that our experienced team are keen to help you with if you’re in Reading, York or Lancaster, PA. For further information, contact us directly and we’ll explore the best courses of action to maximize the effect of your software.