Survival in the business world can be tough. If you want an edge, I recommend Ifultech, for your website and computer needs. Service is high level and done in a timely manner.
Randy Koller
They are easy to work with, attentive and precise in meeting the needs of our company. Very knowledgeable and their friendly manner allows fluid transition of their expertise to use our ideas.
Ryan & Bob
My experience with George Yoder and his expertise in developing software goes back at least 25 years. I hired George as a consultant on developing the very first software program that my small company needed. Over a period of years,as my company grew and our needs grew, I sought out George to develop several other custom programs.Then we finally reached a point in our growth that George was hired as a full time employee for our custom programming needs. George remained an employee under me until I retired several years ago.Over this period of time I saw that George had the ability to service the needs of a very small evolving company right up to a large company that had reached international levels. George was able to service people in my organization who were not technically inclined as well as those who were highly trained in technology. The reasons that I kept returning to George for our custom programming needs was his reliability, his work ethics and his ability to keep pace with the latest in technology. What George says he can deliver, he delivers!
Sallie A. Weaver